Located near Fairview, Oklahoma, John’s Farm produces organic wheat and organic beef, along with a host of other products available under the Fairview’s Best, Cattle Tracks Beef and Gloss Mountain brands.


Gloss Mountain Beef Jerky
Gloss Mountain Beef Jerky is pure beef seasoned with salt, sugar, and spices. You want a jerky free of MSG, nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, dairy, wheat, soy, corn syrup, and added chemicals. We, at Gloss Mountain Beef Jerky, created a tasty, tantalizing recipe to meet your expectations while providing you with a plentiful source of protein and iron.


Fairview's Best
Fairview’s Best takes exceptional pride in being the favored choice among our health conscious friends. We’re committed to providing the very best in organic whole grain wheat products as well as pure and delicious Gluten Free items for those with gluten concerns.


Cattle Tracks Beef
It has been the goal of Cattle Tracks, for the past 16 years, to develop an organic beef program whereby our livestock would graze freely on environmentally friendly pastures, bask in the sunshine, flourish on grass with a small supplementation of organic oats and barley and probiotic and, thereby, produce a consumer-healthy product.

For you, our animals, and our environment we practice sustainable, agricultural methods to support a vital, living ecosystem. The healthier the soil, the more capacity it has to sustain life and produce healthy plants and food for people and livestock.

Our Products

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

Gloss Mountain Beef Jerky is a take-along, go-anywhere, healthy snack that jerky enthusiasts are talking about. Quality ingredients and exceptional protein, Gloss Mountain has it. Find out for yourself: place your order.

USDA Organic flours and grains.

Flour & Grains

Fairview’s Best is the place to shop for certified organic, non-GMO wheat berries and flour. We are in the business of raising organic, non-GMO wheat. When you purchase Fairview’s Best wheat, flour, and pancake/waffle mixes you know the farmer growing and milling the product.

Spices and Mixes

Spices & Mixes

Fairview’s Best All-Purpose Seasonings are bursting with flavor in a unique blend of quality, healthy ingredients. Fairview’s Best Chili Mix saves you time while gaining rave reviews on flavor. Designed in our kitchen the seasonings and mix have no nitrates/nitrites, no preservatives, no MSG, no corn syrup, and are gluten-free.

USDA Organic dog treats.

Dog Treats

Your dog needs your affection, and treats are a form of affection for your dog. Fairview’s Best Organic Pooch Pleasers are a healthy snack. Treats are fun to give and are a healthy way to reward or reinforce behavior. Give your dog a treat – POOCH PLEASERS!

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USDA Organic beef.

Fresh Beef

Superb taste, exceptional quality, unmistakably delicious, are terms our customers use to describe Cattle Tracks Organic Beef. When grass-grazed, humane treatment, and non-GMO standards are important to you and your family, consider Cattle Tracks Organic Beef.

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