Whole Wheat Berries

Whole Wheat Berries, 2.5lb


Searching for a nutrient-rich way to start your day? Look no further than our organic wheat berries! Ideal for soaking and cooking for porridge, broth or cereal, you can also use these berries for sprouting and growing your own wheatgrass.

Want the freshest whole grain wheat flour available? Mill your own flour with our wheat berries! If you’re a regular bread baker, you’ll find that nothing produces a fresher taste that milling your own flour.

How Long Will Wheat Berries Last?

Wheat berries are a viable source of food for long-term storage. As recommended by the Robert M Kerr Food & Ag Products Center at Oklahoma State University, our wheat berries are frozen prior to being packaged, which helps increase shelf life. We recommend you store them in an airtight container with oxygen absorbers, and a temperature averaging 40-50°F for the freshest taste and best shelf life.

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